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Julie M. Elman

Ohio University
Julie M. Elman is a professor in the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University, where she teaches courses in publication design, editorial illustration and the creative process. Before landing at OU in 2005, Elman spent 15 years in the newspaper industry, working as a photojournalist, picture editor and designer. She earned a BFA in Commercial Art from the University of Dayton and an MFA in Photography from Ohio University. Since 2012, Elman has been illustrating people’s fears and anxieties (@helloanxiety_illustrated on Instagram). Her book, “Fear, Illustrated: Transforming What Scares Us,” was published by Parallax Press in 2017. She's also passionate about doodling (@joodlesbyjulie, Instagram), and loves to push ink and paint around on paper without a plan in place.